Suppliers of Gluten-Free Mixes and Prepared Foods

Suppliers I Can Personally Recommend

Kinnikinnick Foods, Inc.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Kinnikinnick has developed a Crisp Rice Cereal that's just like that national brand that's contaminated by malt. Snap! Crackle! Pop! and great in those marshmallow treats. They are working on other substitutes for major brand cereals that remain on celiac taboo lists. They also offer breads of all descriptions (including loaves, buns, rolls, biscuits, muffins, and scones), plus treats, cookies, crackers, tarts, quiches, pies, frozen entrees, and cakes. There are mixes for many of the above items, and supplies like flours, starches, rolled rice (to use as an oatmeal substitute), guar gum and xanthan gum. You may also want to check out the pastas, soups and sauces. They take Visa and Mastercard. which is really the only way for U.S. purchasers to get past the currency exchange. Now with an improved online shopping cart, and a fast response time, this is an excellent site to shop!

Recently I tried several of Kinnikinnick's products, and I can heartily recommend their doughnuts and hamburger buns; and the imported pretzels, though expensive, are really a wonderful treat (see the description in De-Ro-Ma below).

Authentic Foods.

Authentic Foods specializes in bean flours made from a combination of fava and garbanzo beans. I use their flour in my favorite bread recipe, and in the many other recipes (like cookies!) based on my bread mix. They also sell mixes using their bean flour, as well as supplies like xanthan gum and vanilla powder. Authentic Foods takes checks and money orders, and you will need to call them with your order or mail a printed order form with a check or money order (no on-line ordering).


Pasta! Pasta from all sorts of suppliers, in all kinds of shapes, even alphabets! I have just placed my first order with this company through their web page and was pleased to get a confirmation by email within a day. I'll let you know what I think of the foods when I've tried them; meanwhile, check it out!

Cookies (Shaf's) Creme Wafers
Just as light and tasty as the creme wafers you can buy in a grocery store. Yummy. No eggs, milk or soy here.
Crackers (Bi-Aglut):
A round, flour-shaped cracker that worked well (and tasted fine) with peanut butter in the center would be good for packing in school lunches. Milk and egg-free but they do use soy flour.
Pasta (Schar) Alphabets:
Tiny letters for alphabet soup! The only ingredients are rice flour, corn starch and soy flour.
Pretzels (Glutano):
small and pretzel shaped and colored, no milk or eggs but they do use soy flour. An excellent snack food, which tastes very close to wheat-based pretzels.


This company is a good source for bulk flours and ingredients if you have no local supplier (otherwise it will probably be more cheaply purchased at your local health food store). Some people swear by their prepared breads and ice cream cones, but to save on expenses, I make my own.

Carolina Country Kitchen

I have tried one of their mixes (for cranberry muffins) and it was quite tasty and easy to make. It's so nice to have something you can just pull off the shelf and make in a pinch!


Those I Have Yet To Try

Gluten-Free Cafe
This site offers ready-made foods suitable for backback or emergency supplies, as well as for just plain every-day eating.
Special Foods
For those on special diets.
Cause You're Special
A special diets bakery.
Gluten Solutions
Offering baked goods, pasta, pizza crust, soups, sauces and cooking supplies.
These items add nutritional value to foods.
The Gluten-Free Mall
Scott Adams is putting together a one-stop shopping site here on the Net. I haven't had the chance to shop it yet, but if you do you might let me know what you think.
Featuring Dietary Specialties' foods.
Gifts of Nature
These two sisters have developed mixes that focus on both flavor and greater nutrition than the usually starch-heavy, nutrient-light traditional mixes of white rice flour and tapioca and potato starch. Great idea!
Gluten-Free Pantry
I have ordered from these folks before, prior to them going on-line, but my favorite product seems to have disappeared from their list!
Miss Roben's Dietary Food
Dietary Specialties
Sylvan Border Farm
Tamarind Tree
Heat & Serve Indian dinners; and it says it's Gluten-Free, right on the package
An Australian distributor of alternative grain products.
Alternative Cakes
In England, though they are thinking about shipping world-wide. Complete with ingredients lists. Very nice.
A South American company researching gluten-free foods, with imports to the U.S.
Tasty Bite
Indian specialities and sauces.

Other Sites of Interest

Lundberg Family Farm
Brown Rice and Brown Rice products.
Jowar Foods
Flour made from the seed of the sorghum plant.
International Rice Research Institute
Not a lot is more fundamental to the celiac diet than rice!
Rice Web (no! really!)
More about rice!
Nu-World Amaranth
A wonderful, ancient grain.

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