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From this page you may enter into any of the sub-webs that represent some of my interests and concerns. Click on an image to enter whichever web you want to explore. Many of these are simply pages full of interesting links, but some (like the wheat-free/celiac disease information, and the milk-free pages) slowly grow to take over the place.

Wheat-Free Zone, Celiac-Friendly!
Wheat-Free Zone. Home of the Celiac Life Forum, primers on celiac disease, dermatitis herpetiformis, and the gluten-free diet, including reading food labels. You'll also find my favorite cooking links, gluten-free recipes, and lots of links.
Milk-Free Zone. Exploring the link between consumption of dairy products and behavioral and health problems. Can drinking milk cause a child to fail in school? Can it be related to chronic back problems? It seems unlikely at first, but the evidence is growing.
Milk-Free Zone

Parenting & Family/About Us. This is where you'll find out who runs this web, and get a peek at family photos. Here you can explore links to other family member's sites, as well as find a jumping-off point to other websites dealing with family life and issues.
Humor. Mostly links to my favorite spots on the web when I'm looking for a laugh. Some of the stuff here is serious, too, but usually presented with a sense of humor.
Humor Links
Writing Links and My Writing
Writing. Links to the sites of others who write and write well; also, my writing which tends to be about real life rather than fiction.
Gardening/Xeriscape. Particularly if you live in the arid Southwest, I have some gardening links for you.
Gardening and Xeriscape
Best Web Resources

Best Web Resources. Links to the most helpful sites and software on the web, and more.

Science Fiction and Science Fiction Fandom
A whole world in itself, this page has links to sites and friends' sites that I like to visit. My fannish writing may join this spot now and then.
Science Fiction and Science Fiction Fandom
Links, mostly. Eventually I hope to put family info here.
Some of my favorite photos, and links to find more, and more links.
Astronomy and Space

Horses!  It's been a while since this has been one of our hobbies, but we're back at it again...
Index If you were sure you've seen a page here, this index will help you locate it again. Now including the Pinpoint Search Engine!


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