Nebulous Ingredients to Question

This is the most difficult and most important category of ingredients to study, because here you will find the ingredients which may -- or may not -- contain gluten. When you understand where the risks lie with these items, you'll know what questions to ask of manufacturers when they show up on the ingredients list. And speaking directly -- and politely -- to the manufacturers is the best way to (1) get the most up-to-date information and (2) work toward change in the food industry. The more calls those 800-numbers get enquiring about the gluten-content of food, the more the manufacturers will become educated to our needs and feel it is in their best interests to respond by cooperating with better, clearer labeling.

More information on these foods can be found right here on the web at the Food and Drug Administration's website.

* In the U.S. "starch" is safe as it should always be corn starch; in other countries it may be wheat starch. "Food starch" and "modified food starch" may be either corn or wheat, in the U.S. and elsewhere.




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