Gluten-Free Diet Basics

Ingredients To Watch For (And Why)
This section leads you to information on what items on label's ingredients lists are safe (though they don't sound it), suspect, or clearly taboo. This is the place to go to get an education on ingredients; why are some things on celiac society food lists as safe, and on others as not?
Foods (and other things) To Think Twice About
As if reading labels weren't enough, here's a list to get you thinking about the sorts of foods most people don't always think of as having wheat, rye, barley or oats in them. And a few other surprising areas where cross-contamination can get you.
Celiac Support Groups on the Web
Whether you're seeking on-line support, or information about groups you can visit in-person, this page offers you links and lists. Make no mistake, one of the best things you can do to make your life (or the life of a friend) as a celiac better is make contact with others. Recipe exchanges, picnics, information on suppliers and restaurant food all become much simpler to obtain when you join support groups. Plus, in numbers there is power to change the laws to make all our lives better.
Cooperative Food Lists, Hard Copy
Here are a few food lists you can send for, compiled by local celiac societies
Gluten-Free Foods Database
Log into Delphiforums to join the online Celiac Support group which keeps a folder full of foods verified by forum members as being gluten-free.

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