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After you've learned the basics about celiac disease and dermatitits herpetiformis from A Gluten-Free Living Primer, picked up some recipes from the Gluten-Free Comfort Foods Cookbook, you may want to delve more deeply into celiac life. This page directs you to more resources:

Delphi's Celiac Disease On-Line Support Group
Free-ranging discussion of whatever your daily concerns may be is the main focus of this threaded discussion board. They maintain an extensive and up-to-date database of gluten-free foods. Because of it's bulletin-board style, you can visit any time, post a question or answer other's questions, and then come back another day to see what comments your post has generated from other users. 
Essential Celiac Links
Here's a short list of the websites I feel are most valuable to celiacs. I use this list myself -- a lot!
Celiac Links
Links to other celiac websites, and information on different kinds of support groups on the Net, and (best of all) links to the websites of other celiacs. 
Gluten-Free Travel
Includes information on travel in the United Kingdom (specifically England and Wales) and Midland, Texas, gluten-free and milk-free. This section will be expanded over time to include other areas and more tips on traveling while sticking to the celiac diet.
Linda's Pages
This has our story, some book reviews, and information about living the celiac life in the Midland-Odessa area of Texas (including information on food sources and restaurant reviews).
Emergency Preparedness for Celiacs  
An excellent article on how to be prepared for disaster, considering issues all celiacs need to think about.
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