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Updated: 07 Jan 2009

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Sometimes it seems as though our nation is beginning to forget how to cook. Cooking has been transformed into a hobby -- something you can do without if pressed for time. To those of us on a special diet, cooking is returned to its rightful place, central to the needs of the family. Still, we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of recipes out there that aren't safe for celiacs -- and it's true: pick up any cookbook and you'll find lots of recipes for "a box of this" and "a can of that" cooking, with most of those "ingredients" having ingredients we can't have.

But there are a lot of good recipes out there, most of them for simple foods that are easy to prepare. I'm talking about the kinds of foods that don't require you to get the ingredients from three different places: your health-food store, a mail order catalog, and your local grocery store! 

On this page I'm going to offer recipes and suggestions for some of these simple, good things in life. All ingredients should be available at your local grocery store. You may need to check that the ingredients are gluten-free (choose the right brand of mayonnaise -- that sort of thing), but because these are simple foods, they should also be affordable on a budget. 

Never forget that, while it's true there are more prepared foods out there you can't have than those you can, it is also true that there are more plain foods out there that you can have, than those you can't. 

These recipes also answer a question I'm often asked by the wheat-eaters of the world, "What can I cook for my celiac guest?" If you have a friend, a co-worker, or a guest in your house on a restricted diet, you can use my list below to get some ideas of  safe foods to offer. (It might also be wise to visit the Primer pages to get an idea of what ingredients to be wary of when buying canned or prepared goods for use in a gluten-free meal.)

Recipes and Suggestions

Those with links after them have recipes available here on the web; unlinked titles are either suggestions or places I'll add recipes as I finish them. Please note that you can find some of these foods already prepared in many grocery stores today, but those "fast foods" usually have wheat in them; cook from scratch for a safe and better tasting meal.

-- Linda alias "no-wheat"

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