Texas Mail Order Nurseries On The Web

Antique Rose Emporium
Roses from Brenham Texas
Bob Wells Nursery
Texas Grown berries, fruit and nuts.
Ceyhinz Coir
Organic growing medium. Irving, Texas
Chamblee Roses
Drip Irrigation
Native American Seed
Native grasses and wildflowers. Junction, Texas.
Rohde's Nursery
Wish they'd turn off that water sound (made me nauseous).  Garland, Texas.
Tejas Native Bulbs
Wildseed Farms
Native seeds
Willhite Seed
Fruit and vegetable garden seed.
Womack Nursery
Pecans, fruit trees and tools. De Leon Texas.
Yucca-Do Nursery
In Hempstead Texas sells rare, drought-tolerant plants, including cacti, trees, grasses, bulbs and much more.

And Nearby:

New Mexico

Seeds of Change 
Flowers, gourmet greens, herbs, cover crops, garlic.


Horn Canna Farm
Carnegie, Oklahoma Canna nursery.

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