Payment Method and Required 
Reading Before Ordering

1. As stated above, all recipes are copyrighted, and when you purchase them you agree to honor the copyright. In order to keep this website up we need to pay for it somehow; your purchases help support this otherwise free information on the web. Sharing the recipes with others is not only illegal, it hurts our ability to keep developing recipes to put up here. Instead, please send those who want the recipes out here to purchase them. Thanks!

2. If you pay by credit card, we will email the recipes to you as soon as we have charged your card. For credit card orders there is a minimum order of $5.00. If you order less than $5.00 worth of recipes, $5.00 will be charged to your card, and a credit will be issued to your account with us for the difference. If you never buy another recipe, we get to keep the difference. If you do buy more recipes, the credits will be used first. If you purchase recipes with the credit you have with us, and then go over that amount, another $5.00 will be charged to your credit card, and round the process we'll go again! (This is because credit card processing fees eat up any profits when less than $5.00 amounts are charged.)

3. We do take money orders, either plain old U.S. money orders, or International Money Orders issued in U.S. funds. We will email the recipes when we have received the money order.

4. We also take personal checks but we live in the back of beyond and are not informed that checks have cleared for three weeks from the time we bank the check! Consequently we will not email you the recipe for three weeks after we have banked your check; a money order is more efficient and only costs a few coins when purchased at your local grocery store.

5. These recipes are emailed to you so you must have a valid email address, and enter it correctly on the order form, in order to receive them. You can choose either plain text or MasterCook format. Either one is sent as plain ASCII text but the MasterCook format is directly importable into the MasterCook program (which I use and recommend).