Consistency Scale

The most important factor in succeeding in making my recipes is gaining a good understanding of the point in the recipe where you need to add "enough" of something -- usually it's a liquid, sometimes it's a dry mix -- to get the right consistency.

Consistency, From Thin to Thick

Liquid. This is amazingly thin. It won't make a puddle that stands up much if it spills on your counter.
Liquid. Just as thin as water.
Liquid. A little thicker than water.
half & half
Liquid. Thicker than milk, thinner than cream.
heavy cream
Liquid. As thick as refrigerated heavy cream. Still liquid but a little on the sluggish side.
whipped cream
Semi-solid. Fluffy and soft, meeting almost no resistance when you move a spoon through it.
Liquid. About as thick as heavy cream but beginning to meet some resistance.
Semi-solid, like refrigerated pudding. A little softer than soft ice cream, and a bit more airy.
soft ice cream
Semi-solid. Very easily mashed but meets some resistance if you try to stir it.
new playdough
Solid. Easily dented with a finger. Mashing it around won't strain your hands. A pleasure to work with.
playdough (medium)
Solid. Dents but meets a little resistance. Can be squashed around but doing so for long periods will tire your hands.
old playdough
Solid. Does dent when you push a finger in but you meet a lot of resistance and trying to knead it for a long time will strain your hands.